Messi’s six World Cup shirts auctions off for mind-blowing 7.8 million!

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16 Dec 2023

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In the football world, where every game leaves its mark, some moments go beyond the field and become unforgettable. Lionel Messi, often called the greatest footballer ever, has once again shown his impact is bigger than just the game. In a recent auction by Sotheby’s, Messi’s legacy took the spotlight as six of his jerseys from the 2022 FIFA World Cup sold for a huge $7.8 million.

Messi’s journey in the 2022 World Cup, ending with a thrilling 4-2 penalty win over France at Lusail stadium in Qatar, has become a legendary part of football history. Watching Messi’s leadership and performances during the World Cup and especially the final felt like witnessing history being made.

Sotheby’s, known for art and collectibles, held an auction that went beyond expectations. Three bids, all competing for what were the match-worn shirts of Lionel Messi during the World Cup. The final price of $7.8 million set a new record, not just for Messi but for football memorabilia overall. This record-breaking sale shows Messi’s lasting impact and how people all over the world value his legacy.

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Brahm Wachter, head of modern collectibles at Sotheby’s, perfectly captured the importance of this sale. In his words, “The 2022 FIFA World Cup is one of the greatest events in sports history, connected to Messi’s brave journey and proving he’s the greatest player of all time.” Wachter emphasized that “selling these six shirts is a huge occasion in auction history, giving fans and collectors a connection to Messi’s biggest achievement.”

As a fan and pundit, it’s fascinating to see how these shirts are more than just clothes. They’re real connections to Messi’s greatness, letting fans and collectors own a piece of the magic that happened at Lusail stadium. The effects of this auction are expected to spread through the football memorabilia market. Messi’s influence goes beyond the field and into collectibles, making game-worn jerseys even more special for fans.

In the big picture of football history, Lionel Messi’s legacy keeps growing. From his amazing days with Barcelona to his current chapter with Paris Saint-Germain, and now with the national team, Messi’s impact on and off the field is huge. The auction of his six World Cup shirts isn’t just about money; it’s a symbol of Messi’s journey, connecting fans, collectors, and football lovers to the lasting legacy of a living legend. As we eagerly wait for the next parts of Messi’s career, it’s impossible not to be amazed by the unbeatable spirit of Leo Messi.

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